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9.2 Technical Workshop

Take a deep dive into FrameworX 9.2 and some of its main features!

What is included?

  • Dynamic Tag Provider
  • Asset Data Modeling
  • OPC UA Improvements
  • New MQTT Tools And Enhancements

Dynamic Tag Provider

- Connect to external data sources and consume their Namespaces
- Automatically access the tags and data structures by just connecting to the provider with a simple configuration
- The connected provider’s Tags and Namespace will be available for use in FrameworX (screens, scripts, symbols, and more)
- Many types of Tag Providers (Protocols, Historians, or Devices)

OPC UA Improvements

- Easy Integrations: Easier to find and browse data; based on the latest OPC UA specifications.
- More Secure: Easier to configure; more authentication and encryption capabilities to protect data.
- More Connectivity: Support is available for Windows and Linux devices
- Enhanced Performance: Performance improvements, connecting and exchanging data faster than before

Asset Data Modeling

- Easily add and combine metadata from multiple systems into a single cohesive Asset Model
- Organize your tags in a folder structure with Logical Names
- Simplify visualization and navigation through templates
- Auto Tag Creation
- Add Clarity and Context.
- Deliver all the info you need to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

MQTT Tools And Enhancements

- New MQTT Simulator
- New Embedded Broker
- SparkplugB Enhancements
- Azure IoT Hub
- Store-and-Forward
- HiveMQ Integration