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  • Ships with FrameworX & FactoryStudio 9.2
  • Easy Install and Configuration
  • Logs and reads data to and from the Historian using native .NET APIs
  • .NET integration means robust performance, security, and functionality
  • Create Trends, Dashboards, and Advanced Data Applications with FrameworX Client Tools
  • Upgrade available for unlimited tags

Connect to your Real-Time Devices

Tatsoft includes nearly 70 native Communication Drivers in FrameworX for most PLCs, OPC UA, MQTT, and the embedded Canary Historian. There is no need to create tags in FactoryStudio; you can access Canary Tags and View directly. Tatsoft can create a protocol driver for most real-time data sources, and we have an API toolkit so you can create your own if needed. 

Easily Connect to Any Canary Server

In addition to the embedded Canary Historian, we also have new built-in integration with the Canary System, which is easy to use, high speed, and extremely secure since it leverages Canary’s .NET API. It connects at the core level, allowing you to publish and consume data as well as use Canary’s tags and models.
You can define the data model in either Canary or Tatsoft; there’s no need to create it twice!